Terms and Conditions

I. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded by the travel agency Apodos d.o.o., hereinafter referred to as Apodos or its authorized agency, and the traveler applying for a specific tour / city tour organized by Apodos. In the event that a particular provision in […]

Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded by the travel agency Apodos d.o.o., hereinafter referred to as Apodos or its authorized agency, and the traveler applying for a specific tour / city tour organized by Apodos. In the event that a particular provision in the program is regulated differently than under these general terms, the terms set forth in the program apply. In the case of telephone sales or sales over the internet, it is considered that the traveler has accepted the provisions of these general terms when booking the service by phone or over the internet. The coach or traveler is any person making a valid reservation or buying / paying a tour / city tour. These general conditions do not apply to the sale of excursions organized by other tourist providers where Apodos acts as an intermediary, and the passengers are bound by the general conditions of the organizer.

For a tour / city tour organized by Apodos, a traveler can apply to Apodos or any authorized agency. The trip program is valid as an offer. On the basis of the offer, the traveler is notified in writing or verbally for a suitable trip. At the time of applying, the Traveler will take over the Apodos document (bill / ticket / travel contract) from which all details of the ordered travel and additional services, as well as the payment schedule and possible other arrangements are visible. The traveler is obliged to review the document and, in the event of any dispute or mistake, advertise within three (3) days after the invoice has been issued. The contract is considered to be concluded with payment of the account. Apodos is compliant with the contract the passenger is obliged to offer services that have the contents and characteristics as stated in the contract / program of excursions / sightseeing and to take care of the rights and interests of the passengers in accordance with good business practices. The information that a passenger receives at the application site does not oblige Apodos more than specified in the contract / program or offer. In the event of doubt, the following shall always be considered: a written offer, a bill or a travel contract, written information or a written explanation

The excursion rates / city sightings are published in kunas and are valid from the date of publication of the program to the change. Service prices in other currencies are calculated at the exchange rate valid on the day of publication of the program. The price includes the services listed in the program. The passenger is entitled to the price on the day of the contract / invoicing.

The payment date is considered as the day when a passenger arrives at Apodos or with an authorized agency, ie when Apodos receives a payment on a transaction account. The reservation means a confirmed reservation. If a passenger does not pay within the agreed time, this means canceling the voyage and logically applying the cancellation clauses of the passenger from Item IX. of these General Contracts. Apodos in the program can determine that a traveler of a certain service, to be performed on the spot, pays its representative (“compulsory on-site allowance”). In this case, Apodos does not act as an organizer or as an intermediary, but only as an informer. In that case, the traveler fulfills all claims requirements solely with the performer of the on-site service. When a travel agent is booked by a travel agency, all provisions of this point are logically valid for an authorized travel agency.

In the event that Apodos is not the tour organizer, he acts as an informant. In that case, the information received from the travel organizer is transmitted to the traveler and assisted with the excursion / service application. Terms of entry, payment and possible cancellation of travel are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the travel organizer. The travel organizer must be mentioned on the Apodos document. It is considered that Apodos arranges this type of deal for someone else’s name and for someone else’s account. Possible complaints may be made by the traveler with the travel organizer.

When booking the Apodos Travel Company, the traveler will be offered the option of travel insurance, which may consist of: accident insurance, loss insurance and baggage damage, travel cancellation insurance and liability insurance against third parties. In the case of a passenger request for the above-mentioned insurance, the same can be arranged at the Apodos agency or directly in one of the insurance companies. In the case of insurance contracts in the Apodos agency, the agency acts as a mediator.


The traveler has the right to cancel the trip in the branch in which he has applied for or directly at Apodosa’s application site. In the event that a traveler declines a trip, Apodos is entitled to a fee for cancellation of travel.
If the program does not specify otherwise, the below written cancellation conditions apply:
– for reservations canceled 8 or more days prior to the realization of the excursion the guest has the right to the full refund of the funds paid
– for bookings canceled 7 to 2 days before the realization of the agency, it retains 30% of the price of the excursion / sightseeing
– for reservations canceled within 24 hours before the realization of the agency, it retains 100% of the paid amount
– non-cancellation (no show) 100% of the travel price.

Regardless of the above-mentioned cancellation costs, the same can be higher when this condition determines the conditions for organizing travel, so that Apodus dictates the terms and conditions of sale and / or conditioned by business partners.

Regardless of the above costs, cancellation costs may be different if it is written in a travel or contract program.
The amount of travel cancellation fee in the event that Apodos is not the travel organizer is determined by the general terms and / or other acts of the organizer.

Apodos reserves the right (and does not match) to change the day and the time of departure, or to cancel the excursion due to the occurrence of force majeure (natural accidents and other unforeseeable causes that Apodos can not influence), without special compensation and in accordance with valid regulations on passenger traffic.

The traveler is obliged to inform Apodos representative of the irregularities when they arrive. In case the complaint can be resolved on the face, and the passenger has not reported errors or irregularities, it is considered to have agreed with such a service and thereby loses the right to later reclamation.

A traveler may file a complaint in writing within two months of the date on which the service was rendered improperly and must be grounded. For this reason, the traveler must enclose with the complaint appropriate evidence and / or appropriate confirmation of the factual situation on the basis of which the passenger fulfills his request.erms and / or other acts of the organizer.